SDK is woman owned and operated. We are a family proud to call Oregon our home for nearly 25 years. We support local, make local and sell local.  We offer quality and value to the people of our home state because that is what they want.



She moved to Portland, oregon after college and a year living as a rocky mountain ski bum. she came for a 'real job' and worked in Sales and Product Development for years.   When her daughters were born she turned her focus to full-time parenting, a small handmade jewelry business and community service, advocating for Arts in Education.  She Don’t Know, is her brand of delicious gluten free cannabis snacks.  iT's the natural result of much love and practice. She don’t take herself too seriously and she’s not afraid to jump through fiery hoops. 

She Don’t Know.


She's lived all over the West Coast, born in California, transplanting to Alaska, Tijuana and Portland, twice. She's a mother, baker, tattoo collector, artist, model and muse. Her mediums include all types of paint, pencils, paper mache, make up, frosting and dance.  She's an entrepreneur, working since she was 10, founding a gallery, coffee cart, and cannabis co.  She's a bad ass risk taker who doesn't CARE FOR bullshit. she's got an amazing sense of humor and a giant heart.  She basically can do anything with ease and make it beautiful in the time it takes a normal person to read the instructions.

She don't know.